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Centennial Lakes Office Park | Electric Car Charging Station
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For your convenience, we offer two Electric Car Charging Station Locations


Centennial Lakes Office Park is becoming more energy conscientious by providing  electric car charging stations for our tenants. Charging stations are sustainable amenities putting Centennial Lakes Office Park at the forefront by anticipating the future needs of our tenants.


We are excited to announce that we have replaced the dual-charging station at 3601 W 76th St and added a second dual-charging station at 3600 Minnesota Drive in response to the increasing popularity of electric vehicles.


SemaConnect charging stations have been installed, which is a leading manufacturer of EVCS, fully supported by an app available for iOS, Google, and Android devices.


The location for the charging station at 3601 W 76th remains the same, and the location for the charging station at 3600 Minnesota Drive is on Level 2 of the ramp, just outside of the garage elevator lobby.


We do want to take this opportunity to remind ALL electric vehicle drivers to monitor the charge of their vehicle and to move promptly after receiving notification from the SemaConnect app that the car is fully charged.


We have regular feedback that vehicles are not being moved in a timely manner, prohibiting others from utilizing the charging stations.


The billing for electrical consumption will no longer be issued by Centennial Lakes Office Park, and will instead be metered and paid through SemaConnect’s app.


In the setup process upon downloading the app, you will be asked to enter payment information. The charge for these stations will be $1.00/hr, which is the current market rate.


From the SemaConnect app:  ‘Your SemaCharge account holds a balance of funds which is used to pay for your charging sessions. A valid credit card MUST be associated with your SemaCharge account and will be used to ‘top-up’ the account balance if it goes below $0.00. Your credit card will be charged $20.00 and the same amount will be added to your SemaCharge account balance.’


In an effort to ensure availability solely for tenants of Centennial Lakes Office Park, we have elected not to have these charging stations populate on SemaConnect’s map, nor the PlugShare map which displays all car charging stations across the Twin Cities metro area (https://www.plugshare.com/).


We are thrilled to expand this amenity and intend to increase the number of stations throughout the office park in the next couple of years. Should you or a member of your organization have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Management Office at 952-837-8400 or clopmain@cushwake.com