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Centennial Lakes Office Park | Centennial Lakes Park
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Centennial Lakes Park

A place to work and play

Centennial Lakes offers its patrons a unique urban experience with office, residential, retail, and medical facilities all interconnected by 1.5 miles of wonderfully landscaped walking trails. Featuring 10 acres of water in the center, one has access to many amenities and a few diversions as well!

One of the most distinguishing elements of Centennial Lakes is the 25-acre park. Maintained by the City of Edina, the Park includes 1.5 miles of walking paths alongside the banks of three adjoining lakes. From gondola rides in the summer to ice skating in the winter, Centennial Lakes becomes more than simply a place of business. It becomes a place of community.

Located in the center of the Park is Hughes Pavilion and outdoor Amphitheater. Hughes Pavilion overlooks the lake and includes wonderful amenities such as fireplaces, floor-to-ceiling windows, a lakeside patio, and free parking. The building accommodates up to 120 people and is available for rent. For more information on the park activities, please call 952-833-9580 or visit www.centenniallakespark.com