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Centennial Lakes Office Park | Building Services
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Maintenance Requests

If you are a designated contact person for the Management Office, you will be given log-in capabilities to submit maintenance requests. Please contact the Management Office at 952-837-8400 or by email at clopmain@cushwake.com to have access set up. Tenant maintenance requests may be submitted by logging on and clicking the Work Request tab.

LOG IN HERE if you already have a MRI Workspeed Login Account.

Please note that the online Work Requests are not monitored 24 hours a day. Leaks, flooding, odors, etc. should be called into the 24 hour dispatch at 952-831-1001


The cleaning contractor provides base building cleaning services to the Tenants. The cost of these base services is part of the common area maintenance provided by the Landlord. More specific information pertaining to cleaning is in your lease agreement. Cleaning services over and above base building cleaning can be performed by the cleaning contractor at the Tenant’s expense by calling the Management Office at 952-837-8400.

Janitorial services are provided Monday through Friday. For more information on cleaning, trash and recycling guidelines, see our Cleaning Guidelines.


Tenants are asked to refrain from placing trash, boxes, discarded office equipment, etc. in common areas of the building (i.e., corridors, stairwells, passenger and service elevator lobbies, restrooms, docks, etc.). Unused or unwanted items that are to be discarded and do not fit into a trash container must be marked as “trash.” Janitorial staff will not discard items if they are not identified in this way.


Tenants are responsible for removing their own unwanted electronics, equipment and furniture. Contact the Management Office for recommendations on possible companies to assist in this process.


For regular types of trash, please affix a self-adhesive trash sticker which can be obtained by calling the Management Office. Items marked as “trash” will be removed from Tenant spaces during regular nightly cleaning. If you need items to be removed during the day, Monday through Friday, please place a Work Request.  For more information, please see our Cleaning Guidelines


Tenants are asked to refrain from placing trash, boxes, discarded office equipment, etc. in common areas of the building (i.e., corridors, stairwells, passenger and service elevator lobbies, restrooms, docks, etc.). Unused or unwanted items that are to be discarded and do not fit into a trash container must be marked as “trash.” Janitorial staff will not discard items if they are not identified in this way.

For more information on what can and cannot be recycled, please see our Cleaning Guidelines.

Suite Keys

All Tenant suite key requests must be requested through the Management Office and will be performed by the Building’s Engineer. If additional locks or keys are needed, please contact the Management Office. Tenants are not authorized to make duplicate suite keys.

All dispersed keys are the responsibility of the Tenant. In the event keys are lost or misplaced or if you desire to have the suite entry changed, please contact the Management Office at 952-837-8400 to make arrangements. All locksets must be keyed to the building master key system to permit access to all areas of the building by the Property Management personnel or other officials in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Prior to any work occurring, the Tenant must sign an approval form acknowledging costs associated with the work and will be the responsibility of the Tenant. An estimate of this work will be provided within this authorization. All costs associated with keys, re-keying, or additional locksets will be billed separately to each Tenant.

Access Cards

For the protection and safety of the Tenants at Centennial Lakes Office Park, an electronic card access system controls and monitors off-hour access to the building, limited areas of the parking ramp, and elevator access to floors.

Access is by an access key during the following hours:

Monday through Friday 7:00 p.m.-6:00 a.m.
Saturday & Sunday 24 hours
Monday through Friday 7:00 p.m.-6:00 a.m.
Saturday & Sunday 24 hours

The Management Office issues access cards that are assigned to specific employees.

To request or change an access card, use our ONLINE ACCESS CARD REQUEST FORM.

Each employee is responsible for his/her own access key. Transfer of access cards among employees is prohibited; you must inform the Management Office of this change.

If an employee does not have an access card with them, access to their suite will be denied unless a Security Officer receives permission from the person(s) designated on the Emergency Notification List.

If an employee loses his/her access card, please report it to your office manager immediately to ensure the security of the building and all tenants. Contact the Security Manager at 952-837-8406. When an access card is reported lost or stolen, it is immediately deleted from the computer system, rendering it useless for future access. Should cards be held with the Tenant for any reason, please make certain they are deactivated until re-issued to a new user. Contact the Security Manager to deactivate the access card. Replacements may be obtained from the Management Office at a $25.00 fee.

Building HVAC Hours
  • Monday through Friday (except Holidays) – 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Saturday- Off (Unless your lease specifically specifies)
  • Sunday – Off

Overtime heating or air-conditioning is available at your request for an additional charge. Please make your request as far in advance as possible, but not less than 48 hours. You may call the Management Office for details at 952-837-8400.

Click here for Overtime HVAC Request Form


For your safety and convenience, as well as prevention of damage to the elevators, please utilize the service elevators/or request a padded elevator when using carts, dollies, etc. These types of equipment are strictly prohibited from entering the passenger elevators. To ensure minimal delays, Tenants are asked not to use the service elevators for non-delivery floor-to-floor travel. Please use the passenger elevators only. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

All elevators are equipped with an emergency intercom system that is directly connected to the elevator monitoring company. All elevators are identified with a number posted on or in the elevator panel door. When reporting information regarding an elevator, please refer to the number of the elevator and the specific tower (7701, 7601, 3601, 7650 and 3600). Please report any undue delays or concerns regarding the elevators to the Management Office at 952-837-8400.

All elevators at Centennial Lakes Office Park operate from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. You must use your access card to obtain access to any floor after hours and on the weekends.

Elevator Dimensions:


Door: 47.5″ wide x 95.5″ high
Cab: 68″ wide x 107″ high


Door: 41.5″ wide x 95.5″ high
Cab: 78.5″ wide x 108″ high

Building Signage

All Tenants who office at Centennial Lakes Office Park are listed on the directory located in the lobby of each building. Changes or additions to the directory systems can easily be coordinated through the Management Office. Please submit your request by completing the Tenant Suite/Directory Form. (Link to the form)

Suite Signs
To order a suite sign, please complete the Tenant Suite/Directory Form. Company logos are permitted on the suite signs and should be submitted in an .eps format to Brittany Hayden at clopmain@cushwake.com

Signage takes approximately 3-4 weeks to receive and install. More specific information about signage costs, style, etc. can be obtained by calling the Management Office at 952-837-8400

Complete our Online Form to get started!

Signs Prohibited
Paper signs, decals, posters or advertisements are not allowed to be posted in the building corridors, windows or on doors. This also includes tenant suite door and side light windows.


Please report burned out lights by placing a service request through Workspeed.

Maintenance personnel will be sent to replace the burned out bulbs. There is no charge to replace building standard light bulbs. Any specialty bulbs will be invoiced to the Tenant. Please remember to turn off lights to conserve energy.

When a fluorescent tube is blinking or has gone out, it is not always the tube but rather the ballast that needs replacing. Since many fixtures are directly over desks and in high-traffic areas, a program is implemented where an electrician enters your space to change ballasts. Depending on the number of ballasts reported to the electrician for a particular day, the electrician will change as many as possible in the order they were reported.

Tenant Appliances in Suites

Tenants are responsible for the maintenance of all appliances inside their suite including TV’s, VCR’s, ice machines, refrigerators, dishwashers and kitchen drain lines. For fire safety reasons, space heaters and extension cords are not allowed in the buildings. If you are experiencing temperature problems, please submit a Work Request.

The Maintenance Department will be happy to refer you to service professionals who can service your appliances or equipment. All Contractors and Service Providers working in the building must have a current Certificate of Insurance on file in the Management Office. A sample Certificate of Insurance form reflecting the insurance requirements can be obtained by contacting the Management Office.

Please note that any Contractor without the proper insurance coverage, as requested, will not be granted access to the building.

Vendor Certificate of Insurance Form