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Centennial Lakes Office Park | Policies & Procedures
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General Policies

Rent is due on the first day of each month unless otherwise specified in the lease agreement.  Future payments must be made payable to:

Centennial Lakes, L.L.C
c/o Cushman & Wakefield
PO Box 86
Minneapolis, MN 55486-2642

Also, if you would like banking information to start making your payments electronically going forward, or have any questions on accounting related items, such as ACH, Statements, Tax ID, etc., please contact Jess Sutherland, Senior Property Accountant, at 952-893-8298 or jess.sutherland@cushwake.com

Tenants are required to maintain, at all times, a policy of insurance for occupancy of the leased premises. For required insurance amounts, refer to your lease agreement or contact the Management Office at clopmain@cushwake.com 952-837-8400.

For more information on Tenant Certificates of Insurance, please visit My COI Guidelines.

All contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, service providers, moving companies and others performing work of any type for tenants at the property are required to carry insurance and show proof of coverage. Vendors are to supply the Certificate of Insurance to the Management Office via email at clopmain@cushwake.com This must be provided at least 10 days prior to entry into the building. Renewal certificates must be provided at least 30 days prior to the expiration date of certificates previously on file in the Management Office. If a repeat vendor is used, an automatic renewal is a convenient way for the Management Office to receive the updated certificate. The vendor must check with the Management Office to confirm a current Certificate of Insurance is on file. For additional information on insurance coverage amounts and any other questions, please visit here or contact the Management Office at 952-837-8400.


Moving and all necessary arrangements are the responsibility of the tenant. The Management Office will assist in every way possible to make your move easy and convenient. To optimize communication and coordination between building management staff, the tenants, and the mover, the following steps should be followed whenever there is a move in or out of Centennial Lakes Office Park:

  1. Please inform the Management Office of your moving contractor and have your agent call as soon as possible to discuss the proper moving procedures.
  2. Please schedule all moves with the Management Office at 952-837-8400 or clopmain@cushwake.com  as soon as a moving date is known. The loading dock and service elevators are scheduled in the order they are requested. The loading dock and service elevator can be scheduled between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. Monday through Friday, or anytime on Saturday or Sunday.
  3. All moves must take place through the loading dock only. All vertical transportation of furniture and equipment is to occur exclusively on the service elevator in buildings IV & V.  In buildings I-III a passenger elevator will need to be padded for moving use.
  4. The Management Office must have a current Certificate of Insurance from the moving company being used before the date of the move. The Certificate of Insurance information can be found here.
  5. The moving contractor is responsible for protecting all corridor wall covering, floors and carpeting with a covering of plywood or masonite at least one-fourth inch thick. All sections of masonite must be taped together to prevent sliding. Protect all corners and elevator door casings to avoid damage. All walls, door facings, elevator cabs and other areas along the move route will be inspected by security prior and after the move. Any damage to the building or fixtures caused by the mover will be paid for by the moving company or Tenant responsible for the move.
  6. All moving equipment must have rubber wheels (i.e., dollies, two-wheelers, etc.). The Management Office CANNOT provide dollies, two-wheelers, etc… for tenant’s use.
  7. Please have at least one representative from your company supervise your move and the moving company’s activities throughout the entire move. Security service can be arranged for any major move. The charges associated with these services are the responsibility of the Tenant.



SERVICE ELEVATOR DIMENSIONS                        

CLOP IV 7650 & CLOP V 3600

Door:47.5″ wide x 95.5″ high

Cab: 68″ wide x 107″ high



All Buildings: I-V

Door:41.5″ wide x 95.5″ high

Cab: 78.5″ wide x 108″ high


CLOP I 13ft 6 in

CLOP II   13ft 6in




In accordance with the Minnesota Clean Air Act, all common areas, corridors, stairwells, restrooms and other public areas are designated as non-smoking. No smoking anywhere in the interior of the buildings. A smoking area is available within each of the ramps for those who wish to smoke. The locations are listed below. Smoking is only allowed in these specified locations. Smoking anywhere on the grounds is not permitted. Please be respectful of the property and use receptacles provided versus discarding cigarettes on the ground. Please do not extinguish cigarettes on the building or its exterior furniture or walls.

Smoking shelters are located in the following locations:

CLOP I (7701 France Avenue)

CLOP II (7601 France Avenue)

CLOP III (3601 W. 76th Street)

CLOP IV (7650 Edinborough Way)

CLOP V (3600 Minnesota Drive)

Please refer to your lease agreement prior to engaging contractors to perform work within your leased premises. Tenant lease agreements prohibit making alterations and additions to leased premises without the Landlord’s consent. To obtain information on approved contractors, please contact the Management Office at clopmain@cushwake.com or 952-837-8400.   A written approval request must be submitted along with plans. Contractors, including subcontractors, who enter the property without a current Certificate of Insurance form on file in the Management Office may be delayed or denied access to the building until the Certificate of Insurance is obtained. See the Vendor Insurance section for requirements on the insurance certificate.

Please note – all construction projects at Centennial Lakes Office Park must be permitted with the City of Edina. Upon completion of any alterations to the suite, the building Master As-Built Plans must be updated with the building architect. This expense is the responsibility of the Tenant.

The Landlord reserves the right to rescind or revise any of these rules and make other rules and regulations as, in its judgment, shall from time to time be necessary or advisable for the operation of the Building. Please also refer to the official Building Rules & Regulations that are made part of the original lease agreement. The Lease is a legally binding document, and further defines the Building Rules & Regulations should there be any further question to the content.


Our Tenant Handbook is currently being re-written and is unavailable for download at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience!

Parking Policies

Each of the buildings at Centennial Lakes Office Park has a parking ramp connected to the building providing ample parking for tenants’ employees and their visitors. Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact the Management Office to inquire about climate-controlled contract parking availability.

Parking Access
All parking garages are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the main entrances.

Visitor parking is provided on the main levels of each of the ramps or surface lot. Time limits are posted and monitored by on-site security staff. Please respect these limits.

Parking, for those with a disability, is provided within each of the parking ramps. Tenants using these spaces are required to display the current form of authorization provided by the government. On-site security staff monitors for compliance. Non-compliance may result in ticketing by the Edina Police Department.

The City of Edina prohibits parking in all designated fire lanes. Due to the fire and life safety issues involved, vehicles left unattended in a fire lane for any amount of time may be towed at the driver’s expense.

Park safely and observe all “No Parking” signs and notices.

After business hours, parking is permitted if reported to security. Vehicles remaining for long periods without notice to security may be considered abandoned and are subject to towing at vehicle owner’s expense. Please have an Extended Parking Form filled out and returned to security for extended parking.

  • Use of Ramp
    The garage is to be used for the sole purpose of parking motor vehicles. Skating, skateboarding and soliciting are prohibited in and around the ramp facilities.
  • Speed Limit
    The speed limit posted on the property is five (5) mph in the ramps. Please drive safely and use your headlights for additional safety when driving through the ramps. Following the posted speed limit allows added safety for pedestrians in the ramps.
  • Parking
    Vehicles should park entirely between the marked lines of the space, facing into the space. Please observe all posted signs or notices and do not park in reserved spaces or areas that are not designed/marked for parking. Any vehicle parked in such a manner that is taking up more than one parking space is considered an improperly parked vehicle. No vehicle should be parked in a manner that obstructs traffic lanes.
  • Loading and Unloading
    All loading and unloading zones have been designated as such and are located in the dock areas. Delivery via the ramp or building main entries, is not permitted.
  • Automobile Damage/Personal Property
    In the event of a damage claim, notify security immediately. An incident report will be completed, and an investigation will be performed to determine the cause of the claim. It is advised that the City of Edina Police Department be notified to complete a police report. Building management and security will not be held responsible for damage to vehicles or personal property.
  • Washing/detailing/maintenance services to vehicles are prohibited in the ramps.
  • Loss of, or Damage to, Property
    Landlord and its agents will have no liability to tenant, its employees, agents, invitees of licensees for property losses due to theft or burglary, or for damages or bodily injury incurred by authorized or by unauthorized persons in or on the parking facilities, nor will the landlord be required to insure against any such losses, damages or bodily injury. Should theft or other crime-related incident occur, please file a report with the Edina Police Department and inform security of the incident.

If your vehicle needs to be towed from the garage, please contact security at 952-837-8406 or 612-366-5635 (after hours).

Security will need to assist the tow truck when exiting the garage to prevent damage to the property or the vehicle. The Management Office will not allow vehicles to be towed or removed from the garage without authorization from the vehicle owner.

References to towing companies can be provided by security. The Management Office does not allow servicing of any kind to occur while the vehicle is parked on the premises.

Security Policies

Centennial Lakes Office Park has 24/7 security monitoring.

The security team is lead by Bill Christian, Security Manager, American Security.

He can be reached via email centennialsecurity1@cushwake.com
Or by phone at 952-837-8406 during regular business hours and after hours (3:30pm-7:30am) at 612-366-5635.

Building Hours

  • Monday through Friday – 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

After-hours access into the buildings is via an access card reader. This card will allow access into the building and the elevators. Tenant employees should contact their office manager if they require after-hours access.

Deliveries and Loading Dock

Short-term courier parking is available in or near the dock area. Deliveries by couriers, contractors and tenants are not permitted in the visitor parking areas, main building entrance areas, or in the parking ramp entries.

Tenants are encouraged to instruct all delivery personnel to enter the building via the loading docks as towing is strictly enforced. Please refer to the Moving Procedures section for additional information.

Other Dock Rules:

  • Delivery vehicles may not leave motors running while parked at the dock.
  • Dock parking is limited to 20 minutes.
  • Overhead Door and Dock Clearance Heights are as follows:

CLOP I 13ft 6 in

CLOP II   13ft 6in




Tenants are to notify the Management Office of any after-hours activity occurring in their suites (i.e., vacating or occupying, deliveries, tenant coordinated construction/repairs, phone repairs and need for access into the building riser room(s), carpet cleaning, tenant events within the building or suite, etc.) When possible, please provide advanced notice of scheduled activities. For the protection of our tenants, individuals/contractors/vendors requesting authorization to enter a tenants’ suite after-hours without written authorization on file in the Management Office will be denied entrance into the building.

A Certificate of Insurance is required on all vendors/contractors that service or make deliveries at Centennial Lakes Office Park. Please see our vendor insurance requirements. 


Use these links for After Hours HVAC Override Requests:  PDF Download | Online Registration Form

Building temperatures are adjusted after normal building hours to minimize utility costs. If you will be working in your suite, the thermostat can be activated for two hours by pushing the over-ride button. If you will be using a conference room after hours, please contact the 24 service line (952-831-1001) so that programming can be completed and the HVAC will be running for the event.

Centennial Lakes Office Park’s Security is on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can be reached during normal business hours by calling the Management Office at 952-837-8400. After hours, they can be reached at (952) 831-1001 and are available to assist with questions or security concerns at all times. While this may be available to tenants, crime prevention responsibility rests with every tenant. Unless suite doors are found unlocked or there is reason to believe there is suspicious circumstances, security personnel will not enter the office suites.

For useful crime prevention tips, please see our SECURITY CHECKLIST.

All items found by, or turned in to, the Management Office or Security are stored in the Management Office. Please contact the Management Office at clopmain@cushwake.com or 952-837-8400 to claim items that have been lost or found in the building. Items not recovered after three months are either donated to charity or discarded.

The abandoning of personal property, furniture, equipment and fixtures within the leased space or common areas of the building, including the dock areas, is strictly prohibited. Violators will be subject to any and all handling, storage and/or removal costs incurred by the building owner.

Procedure for Removal of Tenant’s Property After-Hours
Tenant is required to notify the Management Office at least 48 hours prior to commencing any move-out or removal of personal property, equipment, furniture or trade fixtures from tenant suites and the building.

Be advised that if management or security personnel become aware of any unauthorized removal or move-out activity, the tenant will be asked to halt such activity until management or security personnel are able to confirm the activity with the tenant representative on record. If authorization is unable to be confirmed, tenant shall cease the move-out activity and will be required to comply with the move-out or removal notification described herein.

For the convenience and protection of our tenants, soliciting, selling, petitioning and posting of signs is strictly prohibited. If a tenant observes any of these activities in the building, please inform the solicitor that such activities are not permitted in the building and notify the Management Office immediately at clopmain@cushwake.com or 952-837-8400. Once notified, security will attempt to locate and escort the individual(s) from the premises. If possible, secure a business card from the solicitor and we can follow up with them.

Physical Access Policies

To access a building demarcation room you must check in with the Management Office between 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

A CLOP Riser Management Permit is required to be completed prior to performing any work in the telephone room. The security desk will have the permit form and confirm that the document is completed prior to receiving access.

Please review our Telephone Riser Policy prior to completing any work within a demarcation room.

Tenant entrance doors and electrical and phone room doors may not be propped in accordance by the City of Edina’s Fire Code. Once access has been granted to a room, all vendors/tenants are not to prop open any door. If a door is propped open, the door will be closed and you will need to call to gain access.

It is the responsibility of the tenant to pick up your company’s newspaper each day. Your newspaper subscription should list your suite number.  Any newspapers found in the building common areas after 10:00 a.m. will be discarded.

For your convenience, below are the most frequently used newspaper vendors that deliver to the buildings daily:

Minneapolis Star Tribune 612-673-4343 www.startribune.com
St. Paul Pioneer Press 1-800-678-7737 www.twincities.com
USA Today 651-636-4100 www.usatoday.com
Wall Street Journal 1-800-568-7625 www.wsj.com